Things I’m Loving Friday Five 12/26

Good Morning Everyone! Happy December 26th!

I hope everyone had an amazing christmas day with their loved ones! We had a great cozy christmas with a little rain, but the sun finally poked out from behind the clouds around noon and we were able to catch some warmer weather. A few of us even made it outside to brave the colder weather workouts (myself not included). Lol.

On to things we are loving….We hope to make this a weekly tradition.. some of my favorite bloggers do it, and I always look forward to their post for new ideas and inspirations for the week to come. It’s the little things, besides.. it always occurs on Friday; and anything taking place on Friday…well you’ve just got to love it!


Things I’m Loving Friday Five!


Scandal– Seriously this show is so amazing. I can’t remember who turned me on to it, but netflix and hulu plus do a really good job of covering the first four seasons. If you love crime, mystery, romance, action, politics, SCANDALS (of course..haha).. it has it all! You should definitely watch a few episodes to see if you like it. I promise, you will not regret the few hours spent watching them!

scandal promo-2

A&W Root Beer– Yes it may be soda, but it is delicious!


Krave Chocolate CerealThis is dessert in a cup. It tastes really good with milk as well.. but you don’t need the milk. They are like little pouches of nutella..who doesn’t love nutella? Our older sister turned us on to this cereal, and my mom bought a huge case for the holidays while we are all home.. safe to say.. I think its gone.


Nike 5.0’s – I got these awesome new running shoes for my birthday a few weeks ago and they just came in the mail a few days ago. All of my sisters have the 5.0. I have the 4.0 and the 3.0, but Nike came out with this new design, and I was in need of a new pair…especially with our 2nd half marathon coming up! They are even brighter in person!


Metallic Markers– We have been writing out various cards and gifts that need beautiful handwriting and colors and we found these at the store. They are al must for any office or the creative folks! Definitely get some of these! Oh, and I saw this nail picture on pinterest some time ago…a french manicure with gold metallic sharpies! Genius!



What are you loving this week? Leave it in the comments so we can try it out! 🙂


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