3 sisters living the east coast.


We travel the east coast throughout the year with our family, schooling, exercising, traveling and exploring beautiful places.


Savannah is 17 and headed off to college this fall. She is slightly addicted to Pretzel M&M’s and power walking and thinks that protein bars and microwaveable couscous are acceptable meal substitutes. She is a vegetarian and makes meatless versions of our recipes. When she is not writing for the blog, you can usually find her polishing her 12 year old car or squatting in hopes of a ‘bubble butt’.

Sierra is a junior nursing student; pursuing her dreams of helping people with everything that caffeine cannot help them with. She loves saturdays, the rain, COFFEE, and shopping, along with a side addition of Pinterest and inspirational reading. She is ‘surviving’ in college, taking the new obstacles as they come her way. I am the furthest on the left.


And last but not least… Starr, our shooting Starr is our middle school girl, soon to be a freshman in high school. Macaroni, popsicles (as you can see), anything fruit- and of course everyones favorite- peanut butter and apples! She is our book girl and loves those sunglasses!

We hope you will stick around, read our posts, follow us and subscribe to our emails, ask questions, leave comments- and introduce yourself! We would love to hear from you!

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