Festival of Lights 5k

Oh man, every weekend we have a race going now. My legs are starting to get tired! haha.. The past few weekends have been running and mini vacations to make it to our races! Slowly but surely we are making it through all of our races. This weekend we even have another one coming up! So stay tuned! 🙂

This past Saturday was a festival of lights, and there was a 5K to go along with it. It had a late start of 5:45 pm, but the after party food is always great, and fireworks and a parade always follow.. so it makes for a fun evening! In case anyone doesn’t know.. a 5K is 3.1 miles.

IMG_6101We all got these ‘trendy’ new armbands to hold our phones! What a lifesaver! I will never go back to the plastic bag, or holding it in the hand, or tucking it into my bra or waist band! We were early to the race so we were standing in the crowd getting pumped up with people of every age! My arm band was fastened to my upper arm, and Savannah and Starr were taking selfies.. haha you’ve got to try it! Such a great way to capture a moment.

{Now, I just need to figure out how to capture a picture, with my armband on, while running.. I think that would make for some cool pictures!}


It was a warm sunny day out, but it wasn’t horrible Florida heat.. so it made it extremely comforting. As you can see, we were also right on the water, so there was a nice breeze coming in.


Some people say not to wear your ‘official race shirt’ to the race, while others don’t mind. This was a first for me. Starr shed hers for a really pretty striped tank, and Savannah went ‘wild’ on us with her cheetah leggings 😉 As sisters we are always sharing everything, I am sure that if you kept track of our clothes.. in different pictures, the same piece of clothing would show up on each of us eventually.

IMG_6123  IMG_6113 IMG_6110 IMG_6119

The night ended with a really nice fireworks display over the park and water, and an after party with beer, coffee, bagels, banana, pizza, cookies, so much! Oh and of course that parade!


Oh, and we all did really well! Our mom wanted all of our ‘planned times’ so she could sort of guesstimate as to when we would be crossing the finish line. We all looked at our past years times and other races and averaged them out. Each one of us beat our ‘thought’ times! Super happy and proud! Feels so good!

Where do you put your music player/phone when you workout?

Do you listen to music?

Does anyone else have sisters or brothers or even parents that they do this with? or friends?




Afternoon Walk on the Water

Good Afternoon!

Hope your Sunday is off to a great start and you had a nice weekend! We are still recovering from our crazy early New Years Eve party last night. (kidding…wasn’t THAT crazy) We will post more on that soon with lots of yummy food ideas!

We cleaned up the house a little this morning…you know what that is like with confetti, balloons, kids, white table cloths, a chocolate fountain… sigh..and made some pancakes to go with our rainy sunday morning. I ate so much delicious food last night I have got to get back into mode.

Savannah, Starr and I went out for a cold workout. Only a few miles, but it was beautiful and ohhhh so cold!

imageI used Starr’s new headphones as a double purpose earmuffs and headphones, and they worked great keeping my ears warm!

imageSavannah went for a more ‘Northern Look’ sporting actual warm winter attire.


We bundled up in our leggings and nikes and strutted our stuff on the empty Maine back roads 🙂


 Alright, we are off to make some panini’s and curl up on the couch catching up on a few blog posts from the past few days and maybe a movie, fire and some warm coffee.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you been thinking about your New Years Resolutions yet?




Holiday Game Time

We have a game room at our house, and when we are all here for the holidays we play them a lot! Our favorite is ping pong. We play until the first person gets 7 points, and then the next person plays the winner. We blast christmas music, or whatever we can because no one can hear it from the house. 🙂


As you can tell we also love playing pool, but sometimes we have issues when we can’t reach the ball…
Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.36.14 AM

For Christmas our parents gave us a huge Scrabble board on a lazy susan so it rotates, and the letter pieces are huge (good for bad eyesight).

IMG_4184 IMG_4175

 We also love playing this game called Banana Grams. It is somewhat like scrabble with letters and creating words…It’s addicting in short! You should definitely try it out… I linked it to Amazon so you can all get it 😉


 What are your favorite holiday games?


Half Marathon Registration and Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sierra and I are in Maine and we are loving the free time to relax, and of course bake cookies 🙂 . Despite the time that we do spend on the couch and sitting around drinking hot cocoa, we still find time to exercise!


Today we ventured out to the local YMCA and ran a few miles on the treadmills. We then biked a few miles on high resistance.

I love to run outside, its just not an option here- its too cold and rains all the time!

Since News Years Resolutions are coming up soon, all four of us sisters have decided to register for the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon. Our oldest sister (who got us all into running in the first place) will most likely run the full marathon because 13 miles is just not enough for her!

Sierra and I have just finished recovering from our Halloween half marathon in October, so its time for a new adventure! One of the main reasons we chose the A1A race is the medal:


If you are around the area, we would love to see you there!

We are off to on a rainy walk to the store- about 3 miles- to buy some essentials for the holidays! (aka hot cocoa)

❤ Savannah

Girls Rainy Day Lunch

Happy eve of the eve of Christmas!

Last night I had this really great dinner of salad, butternut squash, barbecue chicken, lobster ravioli, turkey breast and cranberry sauce. It was quite the delicious smorgasbord! (Can you believe that is actually how you spell that word!? I had to google it to make sure I got it correctly)

imagePS> Pictures never do food justice with a phone camera…even a good phone camera.

We relaxed last night with some pool and ping pong in our game room…We always take turns, playing the winner of whoever gets to 7 points first…. our rules aren’t quite set in stone.

image image imageSometimes we go a little wack….. We visited our mom at work today and went out to a late lunch at a cute little cafe…I didn’t take many pictures.. I always forget.. but I try my hardest 🙂


imageI had a really nice lamb burger, and coffee 🙂

image imageWe walked the downtown streets afterwards, even though it was drizzling a little, we braved up the cold. The christmas lights were beautiful. I really regret not taking more pictures for you all! I should make that a new year resolution maybe… have any of you thought of your New Year resolutions? We stopped at a really cute candy store after lunch for a few sweet treats…..It was the cutest! Can you believe how many different kinds of Lindor truffles they had! I never knew they had more flavors that white, dark and milk chocolate! What a surprise! Have you all tried any of these different flavors?

image image image imageSo, I recently got an apple box for one of our TV’s and we can stream Netflix now on the big screen.. which means we have found a new show to binge watch! I don’t remember telling you about Scandal, but I binge watched that throughout November and the beginning of December, but have moved on to The Lying Games. You most definitely have to watch Scandal though if you have not already… its amazing! The Lying Games is pretty good so far, but it was canceled after the 2nd season.. so unfortunately there are only about 30 episodes (LOL) but I have to watch them all now!


imageIf you don’t have one of these you must get one! My new best friend haha…kidding!

Alright, over and out! Going to watch a few more episodes of The Lying Games, eat some chocolate and wrap a few gifts!