We have been receiving many questions and comments through all of our social media outlets and wanted to compile them all somewhere where they would be accessible to all. Keep reading to learn more about us, and if you want to submit your own questions/comments we would love to hear from you! There is a place to talk to us at the bottom of this page! We are continuing to post all of your questions here, so keep checking back!


  •  Who is the eldest sibling – Sierra or Savannah? Sierra


“I must admit that I am a fan of your work and I think what you girls are doing is really cool. I also like your bio picture very much. You girls are an inspiration to many. Sierra, you are so beautiful. Savannah, I like your beautiful smile. Starr, you have beautiful pair of blue eyes. I do not know your last names. I have nicknamed you girls after your own post. Hope you don’t mind! I am a person who supports and will continue to support girl/women empowerment. So 3 cheers to the three beautiful girls – Sierra Raspberry, Savannah Blackberry & Starr Blueberry.” -Suhaas BR

“Awesome website…..love it” -Mirror of Your Health Blog

“Girls, your blog is awesome!! I look forward to following you guys and trying your recipes :)” -April

“Great writing girls.” -Elaine

“Awesome blog! I will follow!” -H

Send us your LOVE and QUESTIONS


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