Half Marathon Registration and Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sierra and I are in Maine and we are loving the free time to relax, and of course bake cookies 🙂 . Despite the time that we do spend on the couch and sitting around drinking hot cocoa, we still find time to exercise!


Today we ventured out to the local YMCA and ran a few miles on the treadmills. We then biked a few miles on high resistance.

I love to run outside, its just not an option here- its too cold and rains all the time!

Since News Years Resolutions are coming up soon, all four of us sisters have decided to register for the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon. Our oldest sister (who got us all into running in the first place) will most likely run the full marathon because 13 miles is just not enough for her!

Sierra and I have just finished recovering from our Halloween half marathon in October, so its time for a new adventure! One of the main reasons we chose the A1A race is the medal:


If you are around the area, we would love to see you there!

We are off to on a rainy walk to the store- about 3 miles- to buy some essentials for the holidays! (aka hot cocoa)

❤ Savannah

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