Tuesday Randoms and Fitting in your Workout

Like most days, today has been quite busy!

It is always important to eat breakfast, no matter how busy you are. This morning I opted for oatmeal with almond milk, syrup, and cinnamon. (Don’t forget the coffee!)


Then I had to make a quick run to the dentist. Most people hate the dentist, myself included. On the bright side, I was clear for cavities:)


I had plenty of time for selfies because they left me in the room alone for about 20 minutes.

The rest of the day has been mostly studying and catching up on school work. I threw together a quick lunch of an egg white, turkey, and jelly sandwich with carrot french fries. Although it looks like an odd combination, it is actually quite tasty!


Most people know I am kind of a cereal fanatic, so after lunch I ate some fruit loops, because you know, CARBS!


Although I have class later tonight and two exams tomorrow, I was still able to fit in a quick jog around the neighborhood. (Note to self: Do not go running after 9am in Florida!)


I usually feel obligated to run more than three miles because I am accustomed to longer distances, but I need to realize that anything is better than nothing. Well, its back to studying for me. I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Tennis and Sunday Fun

We had quite a bit of fun yesterday, despite all of the studying we were all doing. On Sunday, Starr, Sierra, and my goal was to get up and out of bed before 9, but that did not happen! Although we had so much to do, we all still manage to get(some of) our sleep in!

Since we woke up so late, we enjoyed a late brunch of bagels spreaded with light creamy swiss laughing cow cheese and an egg white and baby kale scramble.


Afterwards, we finished up our studying and then headed to the tennis courts! I was a little rusty from not playing for 5 months, but Starr and Sierra were on top of their games! There were lots of mosquitos out, so we only stayed for about 45 minutes.


Starr knew she couldn’t pass up on opportunity to strike one of her famous poses:


Before we left, we sprinted a few laps around the courts, did a few sets of lunges and push ups, and then hit the jumping jacks!


If you live near any tennis courts, they are great places to get a quick workout in.

After tennis, we headed home and helped out with dinner. We steamed asparagus, beets, and sweet potatoes. Our dad also caught some fish, which we baked in the oven for about 40 minutes.


It was a tiring, but relaxing Sunday.

Do you have any Sunday traditions or workouts?



Festival of Lights 5k

Oh man, every weekend we have a race going now. My legs are starting to get tired! haha.. The past few weekends have been running and mini vacations to make it to our races! Slowly but surely we are making it through all of our races. This weekend we even have another one coming up! So stay tuned! 🙂

This past Saturday was a festival of lights, and there was a 5K to go along with it. It had a late start of 5:45 pm, but the after party food is always great, and fireworks and a parade always follow.. so it makes for a fun evening! In case anyone doesn’t know.. a 5K is 3.1 miles.

IMG_6101We all got these ‘trendy’ new armbands to hold our phones! What a lifesaver! I will never go back to the plastic bag, or holding it in the hand, or tucking it into my bra or waist band! We were early to the race so we were standing in the crowd getting pumped up with people of every age! My arm band was fastened to my upper arm, and Savannah and Starr were taking selfies.. haha you’ve got to try it! Such a great way to capture a moment.

{Now, I just need to figure out how to capture a picture, with my armband on, while running.. I think that would make for some cool pictures!}


It was a warm sunny day out, but it wasn’t horrible Florida heat.. so it made it extremely comforting. As you can see, we were also right on the water, so there was a nice breeze coming in.


Some people say not to wear your ‘official race shirt’ to the race, while others don’t mind. This was a first for me. Starr shed hers for a really pretty striped tank, and Savannah went ‘wild’ on us with her cheetah leggings 😉 As sisters we are always sharing everything, I am sure that if you kept track of our clothes.. in different pictures, the same piece of clothing would show up on each of us eventually.

IMG_6123  IMG_6113 IMG_6110 IMG_6119

The night ended with a really nice fireworks display over the park and water, and an after party with beer, coffee, bagels, banana, pizza, cookies, so much! Oh and of course that parade!


Oh, and we all did really well! Our mom wanted all of our ‘planned times’ so she could sort of guesstimate as to when we would be crossing the finish line. We all looked at our past years times and other races and averaged them out. Each one of us beat our ‘thought’ times! Super happy and proud! Feels so good!

Where do you put your music player/phone when you workout?

Do you listen to music?

Does anyone else have sisters or brothers or even parents that they do this with? or friends?



February is Birthday Month

So, February is definitely birthday month for the Spice Sisters. Savannah and Starr both have birthdays in February within two weeks of each other! We have been all over Florida these past few weeks celebrating!

Savannah is finally the big 18! This is a good birthday.. haha until you get to 21!

Savannah and Starr made these awesome birthday cup cakes with the theme of adulthood! You have to take the time to blow up these pictures, turn your head every which way, and read all of the great sayings on the cupcakes!



IMG_5106And for Starr’s birthday we celebrated with a different kind of sweetness! We got these at a Sushi and Thai restaurant… they were delicious.. but I am not sure anyone in our party knew exactly what they were. In the middle with the candles it was definitely some kind of asian fried ice cream.. 🙂 Oh, but who cares! They were so good.. fudge, ice cream, and other sweet delights!


Oh yeah, and Savannah also had a coconut cake! This was a first time for a coconut cake.. have you ever tried coconut cake?


We had sushi and other delicious meals for Starr’s birthday dinner.. which happened to be the night before our Ft. Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon that we were running in the next day! I will make sure to post that soon after I compile all of our pictures!


There are so many different advice articles about what to eat before running a large race! I think it is definitely dependent on the individual yet it takes time to experiment with different foods and combinations.. What do you typically eat the day or two before a race?


Early Morning Fog Run

I am trying out a new workout schedule. Our older sister Haley always works out in the mornings, and usually I go for a late afternoon workout, but I am changing it up. Plus, it makes me go to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier so I can start the day earlier.

The past few days since I have done it I’ve started around 7 am. It is not that early, but at the same time it is early enough for me. Besides, the sun does not usually rise until around 6:45/7 so it is a good time. I am starting to love that feeling when no one is awake and out yet, and although I love saying “good morning” to a person and their dog every few minutes, I enjoy the peace of silence and privacy of the early morning.

This morning it was warm and clear but by the time I was half way through my workout the humidity and fog began to roll in. I had never seen anything like this fog in Florida. Up north, yes, Florida no. I am sure if I woke up a little earlier on more than a few occasions I might be able to see it. Now that I have bored you with my fog talk, as I am sure you have done with “a beautiful sunset” or something of that matter (I am guilty of this as well) Here are my pictures to show you all.





–What is your morning workout?

–Do you use apps? Videos? Gym?

–What is your nature obsession?

Fruit Finds and Seafood Paella

As you all can tell.. we haven’t been too active on the blog lately, but we hope to change that.. but change comes slowly.. at least this one will! Stay with us! We love all of our followers, readers and supporters.. you are much appreciated and do not go unnoticed with all of your readership, comments and questions!

How has everyones February been? We sure have been one thing after another, busy.. and it seems like the new year is off to a good start.. can you believe it is almost March!?

Yesterday we explored the island searching for fresh fruit off the trees (or ground) or even on the side of the road..There is this one lady who has a starfruit tree and she always puts a bucket of starfruit out everyday to share with anyone going by! Our island is quite the dog walking, running, walking, bicycling island and everyone you see will be on one of these modes of transportation… if not slowly cruising by, windows rolled down, dogs head panting out the back window, necks turned as far as they go, and out of state plates on the car.

FullSizeRenderThis is our collection of fruit that we were able to scrounge up! It is almost more fun finding it than eating it 🙂 Those are like baby lemons, and the star fruit were just huge.. the oranges so ripe! And of course we were able to find plenty of coconuts but have yet to crack a few open!

IMG_6186I just wanted to show you how absolute huge they were compared next to a strawberry! These are so pretty once you cut them open!

For dinner my mom prepared this amazing edition of a paella/jumbalaya with fresh shrimp from the island, crawfish (crayfish?), mussels, florida clams, andouille sausage, peppers, onions, green peas and spanish rice! It was delicious and so fresh!

IMG_6189Growing up in Maine, we’ve never really tried these crawfish.. I’m not even sure of their name.. but they are like mini lobsters and I am pretty sure they are indigenous to these Florida waters.

They taste very similar to lobster.. although they are only a few inches long!

IMG_6191It was so pretty once it was all done. We had a few different vegetable salads to go with it, french baguette, cheese, and a beet, goat cheese and cilantro salad. (I didn’t take any pictures of this.. but next time we make it I will make sure to blog it.. because it is so fresh, healthy and full of benefits for such a great taste!)