Glitter Eggs

Who doesn’t love glitter! For Easter.. or any other occasion where you want to make glittery objects.. this is the perfect, super fast DIY! Glitter just makes everything sparkle!!

1. Start with whatever object you want ‘glitterized’ (for this we will be using eggs, but just substitute whatever you want to sparkle!)


(In our case eggs for Easter)

2. If you want color with the glitter, it is best to either use permanent markers, paint or dye. Just be careful with these art supplies and make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little messy.

photo 4photo 2

We dyed our egg blue first using a basic egg coloring dye kit that can be picked up at any grocery store (in April) or a craft store year round.

3. Then use any kind of glue- Elmers glue, hot glue gun etc and wherever you want the glitter to stick, use glue there. It is really easy to do this using a paintbrush, or if you are going to put glitter on the entire egg, simply dip the egg into a bowl of glue.


For this, we simply used a paint brush with glue on it to make the heart shape (after the dye had dried). Dip the egg in the glitter and walla; you have yourself a glittery egg!

photo 5

If you are glitter crazy… then GO FOR IT and GO ALL OUT! ❤


Most importantly… HAVE FUN!

Check out our egg factory day here!

And if you are really into it.. check out these awesome DIY’s from our favorite pinners on Pinterest!

Natural Glitter Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Tree

Although.. we think this might be a little overboard… what do you think? 🙂


Have FUN! Share with us your glittery creations!!! 🙂


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