6 Study Tips for Procrastinators

It’s that time of year again!

Pumpkin spice lattes are out in full swing, temperatures are getting cooler, and halloween decorations are starting to appear on store shelves. Unfortunately, this also means that schools have started back up and most college students are experiencing their first wave of exams and projects.

Although I do well in school, I am one of the biggest procrastinators that you will ever meet. I put studying for exams off until the last minute and do not touch big projects until the weekend before they’re due.

So, I’ve put together 6 study tips that I use when I need to study- and study fast.

  1. Find a comfy area- For me, this usually involves the couch or my bed. I know, everyone always says to find a desk with no distractions, but I find them so uncomfortable! My butt usually goes numb and I can’t concentrate, so curling up on the couch is a much better option for me.IMG_2376
  2. Put together a snack- Because food! When I study, I get the munchies. Although healthy snacks  like carrots, celery, and protein bars are usually recommended, they’re not always easily accessible in college. I find that eating snacks (with lots of small pieces) that taste good- even if they are a bit unhealthy- satisfy my snack cravings. I tend to go for pretzels, popcorn, cereal, and goldfish grahams. Basically anything crunchy!IMG_2371
  3. Find a focus drink- Whatever it may be, find a drink that soothes you, but also gets you geared up. I love coffee, tea, Powerade, white Monsters, and sometimes soda (yes, I know! soda!). Make sure it doesn’t make you foggy-headed or groggy!
  4. Write out everything- This one might take a little bit of time, but it is so helpful! I go through my notes and re-write the important parts that I know will be on the exam. Also, I make questions for myself and WRITE OUT the answers. This does my studying for me and helps me retain so much more information!
  5. Have a set time to stop- No matter how long or short your study session is, make sure you set a time that you will stop at. It is also helpful to have a goal for how much information you cover before that time. This keeps you on pace and motivated.
  6. Don’t stop thinking when you you stop studying- When you stop studying, keep thinking about the material. Even if you’re just in the car or cooking dinner, recite the information over and over in your mind to make sure you remember it.

I hope this helps any procrastinators out there! Let me if you try these 🙂

What are your study tips? Do you procrastinate?


One thought on “6 Study Tips for Procrastinators

  1. You’re Back! I’ve missed Las Spices so much. Although I understand you’ve had a busy summer! My only quibble Savannah is – why didn’t I know all this when i was in college with no study skills at all?


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