Peanut Butter Yogurt, Breakfast for Lunch, and a New Selfie

I have a great recipe for everyone! Well, calling it a recipe might be a little far fetched, but here goes!

This was my breakfast this morning: Coffee (of course), an egg white omelet, and Greek yogurt.


Now the recipe is the yogurt. I’ve looked for peanut butter yogurt everywhere, but I just can’t seem to find it! Here, all I did was mix PB2 in with my Greek yogurt. It makes a great alternative to plain Greek yogurt and adds a little extra protein! 🙂



After doing schoolwork for a couple of hours, I started to get hungry again. I really have a thing for breakfast foods, because once again- I made vegetables and eggs!


After lunch, I drove to my school to get some work done. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate in our house when everyone is running around and talking loudly. I also took my first public bathroom selfie. (I know, it needs work!) Sierra says that you can tell how much a school costs by the quality of its bathrooms. Apparently my school is really cheap!


Well thats all for now! Tomorrow we’re taking a road trip, so stay tuned for healthy snacks and tips to stay active on the road!


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