Little Meals and Gym Time

Well! It has been another full day at La Spice Sisters household!

This morning I woke up at 5:30 in order to get some more studying in for the two exams I had today. Around 6am I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and chocolate sauce.


I don’t usually eat chocolate in the morning, but I figured this was a special occasion. I got hungry again around 8:30, so i made another quick breakfast. This time it was an egg white, turkey, and spinach omelet with toast on the side. I almost forgot to snap a picture (hence the ripped toast).


After my exams, I grabbed a s’mores quest bar (chunks galore!) and then headed to the gym to meet up with Sierra.


I like watching the news and talk shows that are on in the afternoon. Sierra is more of a movie person and always brings her iPad. Thank goodness for the wifi and good bathroom lighting at Planet Fitness! 😉

IMG_6850 IMG_6853

Since I don’t have class tomorrow, I’m going to relax and watch a few episode of The Middle tonight. If you haven’t watched it, all of us recommend it; it is hilarious!

Goodnight for now, and have a great rest of your Wednesday!

What is your favorite tv show?

What is your favorite quest bar flavor?


4 thoughts on “Little Meals and Gym Time

  1. White chocolate razz are my fave Quest bars! I keep a box in my car and a box in my office, and rely on them every time I travel (which is pretty often). They also kept me going my first semester in grad school. I’ll have to try smores, it looks delish!


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