Tennis and Sunday Fun

We had quite a bit of fun yesterday, despite all of the studying we were all doing. On Sunday, Starr, Sierra, and my goal was to get up and out of bed before 9, but that did not happen! Although we had so much to do, we all still manage to get(some of) our sleep in!

Since we woke up so late, we enjoyed a late brunch of bagels spreaded with light creamy swiss laughing cow cheese and an egg white and baby kale scramble.


Afterwards, we finished up our studying and then headed to the tennis courts! I was a little rusty from not playing for 5 months, but Starr and Sierra were on top of their games! There were lots of mosquitos out, so we only stayed for about 45 minutes.


Starr knew she couldn’t pass up on opportunity to strike one of her famous poses:


Before we left, we sprinted a few laps around the courts, did a few sets of lunges and push ups, and then hit the jumping jacks!


If you live near any tennis courts, they are great places to get a quick workout in.

After tennis, we headed home and helped out with dinner. We steamed asparagus, beets, and sweet potatoes. Our dad also caught some fish, which we baked in the oven for about 40 minutes.


It was a tiring, but relaxing Sunday.

Do you have any Sunday traditions or workouts?



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