Festival of Lights 5k

Oh man, every weekend we have a race going now. My legs are starting to get tired! haha.. The past few weekends have been running and mini vacations to make it to our races! Slowly but surely we are making it through all of our races. This weekend we even have another one coming up! So stay tuned! 🙂

This past Saturday was a festival of lights, and there was a 5K to go along with it. It had a late start of 5:45 pm, but the after party food is always great, and fireworks and a parade always follow.. so it makes for a fun evening! In case anyone doesn’t know.. a 5K is 3.1 miles.

IMG_6101We all got these ‘trendy’ new armbands to hold our phones! What a lifesaver! I will never go back to the plastic bag, or holding it in the hand, or tucking it into my bra or waist band! We were early to the race so we were standing in the crowd getting pumped up with people of every age! My arm band was fastened to my upper arm, and Savannah and Starr were taking selfies.. haha you’ve got to try it! Such a great way to capture a moment.

{Now, I just need to figure out how to capture a picture, with my armband on, while running.. I think that would make for some cool pictures!}


It was a warm sunny day out, but it wasn’t horrible Florida heat.. so it made it extremely comforting. As you can see, we were also right on the water, so there was a nice breeze coming in.


Some people say not to wear your ‘official race shirt’ to the race, while others don’t mind. This was a first for me. Starr shed hers for a really pretty striped tank, and Savannah went ‘wild’ on us with her cheetah leggings 😉 As sisters we are always sharing everything, I am sure that if you kept track of our clothes.. in different pictures, the same piece of clothing would show up on each of us eventually.

IMG_6123  IMG_6113 IMG_6110 IMG_6119

The night ended with a really nice fireworks display over the park and water, and an after party with beer, coffee, bagels, banana, pizza, cookies, so much! Oh and of course that parade!


Oh, and we all did really well! Our mom wanted all of our ‘planned times’ so she could sort of guesstimate as to when we would be crossing the finish line. We all looked at our past years times and other races and averaged them out. Each one of us beat our ‘thought’ times! Super happy and proud! Feels so good!

Where do you put your music player/phone when you workout?

Do you listen to music?

Does anyone else have sisters or brothers or even parents that they do this with? or friends?




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