February is Birthday Month

So, February is definitely birthday month for the Spice Sisters. Savannah and Starr both have birthdays in February within two weeks of each other! We have been all over Florida these past few weeks celebrating!

Savannah is finally the big 18! This is a good birthday.. haha until you get to 21!

Savannah and Starr made these awesome birthday cup cakes with the theme of adulthood! You have to take the time to blow up these pictures, turn your head every which way, and read all of the great sayings on the cupcakes!



IMG_5106And for Starr’s birthday we celebrated with a different kind of sweetness! We got these at a Sushi and Thai restaurant… they were delicious.. but I am not sure anyone in our party knew exactly what they were. In the middle with the candles it was definitely some kind of asian fried ice cream.. 🙂 Oh, but who cares! They were so good.. fudge, ice cream, and other sweet delights!


Oh yeah, and Savannah also had a coconut cake! This was a first time for a coconut cake.. have you ever tried coconut cake?


We had sushi and other delicious meals for Starr’s birthday dinner.. which happened to be the night before our Ft. Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon that we were running in the next day! I will make sure to post that soon after I compile all of our pictures!


There are so many different advice articles about what to eat before running a large race! I think it is definitely dependent on the individual yet it takes time to experiment with different foods and combinations.. What do you typically eat the day or two before a race?


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