Fruit Finds and Seafood Paella

As you all can tell.. we haven’t been too active on the blog lately, but we hope to change that.. but change comes slowly.. at least this one will! Stay with us! We love all of our followers, readers and supporters.. you are much appreciated and do not go unnoticed with all of your readership, comments and questions!

How has everyones February been? We sure have been one thing after another, busy.. and it seems like the new year is off to a good start.. can you believe it is almost March!?

Yesterday we explored the island searching for fresh fruit off the trees (or ground) or even on the side of the road..There is this one lady who has a starfruit tree and she always puts a bucket of starfruit out everyday to share with anyone going by! Our island is quite the dog walking, running, walking, bicycling island and everyone you see will be on one of these modes of transportation… if not slowly cruising by, windows rolled down, dogs head panting out the back window, necks turned as far as they go, and out of state plates on the car.

FullSizeRenderThis is our collection of fruit that we were able to scrounge up! It is almost more fun finding it than eating it 🙂 Those are like baby lemons, and the star fruit were just huge.. the oranges so ripe! And of course we were able to find plenty of coconuts but have yet to crack a few open!

IMG_6186I just wanted to show you how absolute huge they were compared next to a strawberry! These are so pretty once you cut them open!

For dinner my mom prepared this amazing edition of a paella/jumbalaya with fresh shrimp from the island, crawfish (crayfish?), mussels, florida clams, andouille sausage, peppers, onions, green peas and spanish rice! It was delicious and so fresh!

IMG_6189Growing up in Maine, we’ve never really tried these crawfish.. I’m not even sure of their name.. but they are like mini lobsters and I am pretty sure they are indigenous to these Florida waters.

They taste very similar to lobster.. although they are only a few inches long!

IMG_6191It was so pretty once it was all done. We had a few different vegetable salads to go with it, french baguette, cheese, and a beet, goat cheese and cilantro salad. (I didn’t take any pictures of this.. but next time we make it I will make sure to blog it.. because it is so fresh, healthy and full of benefits for such a great taste!)








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