Early Morning Fog Run

I am trying out a new workout schedule. Our older sister Haley always works out in the mornings, and usually I go for a late afternoon workout, but I am changing it up. Plus, it makes me go to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier so I can start the day earlier.

The past few days since I have done it I’ve started around 7 am. It is not that early, but at the same time it is early enough for me. Besides, the sun does not usually rise until around 6:45/7 so it is a good time. I am starting to love that feeling when no one is awake and out yet, and although I love saying “good morning” to a person and their dog every few minutes, I enjoy the peace of silence and privacy of the early morning.

This morning it was warm and clear but by the time I was half way through my workout the humidity and fog began to roll in. I had never seen anything like this fog in Florida. Up north, yes, Florida no. I am sure if I woke up a little earlier on more than a few occasions I might be able to see it. Now that I have bored you with my fog talk, as I am sure you have done with “a beautiful sunset” or something of that matter (I am guilty of this as well) Here are my pictures to show you all.





–What is your morning workout?

–Do you use apps? Videos? Gym?

–What is your nature obsession?


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