Happy February!

Happy February everyone!

I survived Monday…and if you are reading this.. you did as well.

I feel like we are saying this quite a bit, but it has been some time since we last posted. We missed the entire month of January.. but I assure you it was time well spent.

It has been so cold here over the past month in south Florida. It was 50 degrees when I left home this morning around 7 am, yet 4.5 hours later.. it is still pretty cold outside.


I have so many pictures everywhere but I am not sure which to share and when.. so I found a bunch of breakfast pictures..





IMG_4884These are some of our favorites right now. I found this really nice library that is ironically brand new in the historic district. The smell of new sheetrock and paint is giving me a head ache, plus a hungry stomach…I think its time to go. But have you ever seen a library with outdoor courtyards, balconies and outdoor seating with wifi. It is pretty neat!


IMG_5291Ohh, and the sunrise this morning was beautiful! Tonight is the full moon, so make sure to watch out for it! Check out this cool article that talks about the full moon and what is to come! Full Moon in Leo by Mystic Mamma




If anyone gets any cool shots of the moon tonight.. send them our way!

Here is the link for our delicious French Toast

Enjoy the day! 🙂




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