Afternoon Walk on the Water

Good Afternoon!

Hope your Sunday is off to a great start and you had a nice weekend! We are still recovering from our crazy early New Years Eve party last night. (kidding…wasn’t THAT crazy) We will post more on that soon with lots of yummy food ideas!

We cleaned up the house a little this morning…you know what that is like with confetti, balloons, kids, white table cloths, a chocolate fountain… sigh..and made some pancakes to go with our rainy sunday morning. I ate so much delicious food last night I have got to get back into mode.

Savannah, Starr and I went out for a cold workout. Only a few miles, but it was beautiful and ohhhh so cold!

imageI used Starr’s new headphones as a double purpose earmuffs and headphones, and they worked great keeping my ears warm!

imageSavannah went for a more ‘Northern Look’ sporting actual warm winter attire.


We bundled up in our leggings and nikes and strutted our stuff on the empty Maine back roads 🙂


 Alright, we are off to make some panini’s and curl up on the couch catching up on a few blog posts from the past few days and maybe a movie, fire and some warm coffee.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you been thinking about your New Years Resolutions yet?





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