175 Low Calorie Grilled Cheese, Pear and Ham Panini

Post workout Savannah had the idea to make panini’s. If you love bread, like us, then you can find low calorie bread that still gives you that “I am eating bread feeling” for at least half the calories. We made our grilled cheese and ham panini’s on this 35 calorie bread with a panini machine.

imageSo, our ingredients included Country Kitchen Light Wheat Bread, Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss cheese, and Hormet Nautral Choice Honey Ham. You should be able to find all of these ingredients in your local grocery store.

imageIf you have not already tried Laughing Cow Cheese- you must! It is amazing for only 35 calories.

imageWe also stuck a few slices of green pear in there in order to give it a sweet bite and to change up the original grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious!

imageTry this out and let us know how it is!

❤ The Girlss





2 thoughts on “175 Low Calorie Grilled Cheese, Pear and Ham Panini

  1. Hi Girls,
    We’re still settling into our new apt – same building. Busy time but I do love reading about what you are all up to. Happy New Year to the Maine /Florida Warners! Love, Wes and Elaine


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