Holiday Game Time

We have a game room at our house, and when we are all here for the holidays we play them a lot! Our favorite is ping pong. We play until the first person gets 7 points, and then the next person plays the winner. We blast christmas music, or whatever we can because no one can hear it from the house. 🙂


As you can tell we also love playing pool, but sometimes we have issues when we can’t reach the ball…
Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.36.14 AM

For Christmas our parents gave us a huge Scrabble board on a lazy susan so it rotates, and the letter pieces are huge (good for bad eyesight).

IMG_4184 IMG_4175

 We also love playing this game called Banana Grams. It is somewhat like scrabble with letters and creating words…It’s addicting in short! You should definitely try it out… I linked it to Amazon so you can all get it 😉


 What are your favorite holiday games?



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