Girls Rainy Day Lunch

Happy eve of the eve of Christmas!

Last night I had this really great dinner of salad, butternut squash, barbecue chicken, lobster ravioli, turkey breast and cranberry sauce. It was quite the delicious smorgasbord! (Can you believe that is actually how you spell that word!? I had to google it to make sure I got it correctly)

imagePS> Pictures never do food justice with a phone camera…even a good phone camera.

We relaxed last night with some pool and ping pong in our game room…We always take turns, playing the winner of whoever gets to 7 points first…. our rules aren’t quite set in stone.

image image imageSometimes we go a little wack….. We visited our mom at work today and went out to a late lunch at a cute little cafe…I didn’t take many pictures.. I always forget.. but I try my hardest 🙂


imageI had a really nice lamb burger, and coffee 🙂

image imageWe walked the downtown streets afterwards, even though it was drizzling a little, we braved up the cold. The christmas lights were beautiful. I really regret not taking more pictures for you all! I should make that a new year resolution maybe… have any of you thought of your New Year resolutions? We stopped at a really cute candy store after lunch for a few sweet treats…..It was the cutest! Can you believe how many different kinds of Lindor truffles they had! I never knew they had more flavors that white, dark and milk chocolate! What a surprise! Have you all tried any of these different flavors?

image image image imageSo, I recently got an apple box for one of our TV’s and we can stream Netflix now on the big screen.. which means we have found a new show to binge watch! I don’t remember telling you about Scandal, but I binge watched that throughout November and the beginning of December, but have moved on to The Lying Games. You most definitely have to watch Scandal though if you have not already… its amazing! The Lying Games is pretty good so far, but it was canceled after the 2nd season.. so unfortunately there are only about 30 episodes (LOL) but I have to watch them all now!


imageIf you don’t have one of these you must get one! My new best friend haha…kidding!

Alright, over and out! Going to watch a few more episodes of The Lying Games, eat some chocolate and wrap a few gifts!


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