Birthday Fun! “I’m Feeling 22”

Hey Everyone!

Yes.. its been a while.. yes! I am 22- me; Sierra! I did sleep through my birth time at 8:37 am.. but I woke up all bright and 22 a little later! December 15th! 

The day went through pretty fast and it was a very relaxing but enjoyable birthday!

imageStarr, Savannah and I got our nails done by our favorite (or only) nail salon in the area, went for frozen yogurt and then came home for a lovely Mexican feast prepared by my dad! He knows I love my mexican 🙂

imageWe all love frozen yogurt, and last summer “Sweet Frog” came to town! It is so great because we usually can only get our yogurt fix in Florida, but now we have a full time yogurt place to go! Anyways, there was a buy one get one free summer yogurt flavor! We were loving it..even though it was 30 degrees outside!

imageimageOh, and of course a “stuft mama outfit pose” . Aren’t they always the best? 😉

imageDinner time rolled around and we helped out my dad make dinner…we are pro’s…

imageimageOur older sister hadn’t flown in yet.. so we were just 3 and my parents.

We made guacamole, salsa, enchiladas and quesadillas!

Our guacamole had fresh mashed avocados, white onion, garlic powder, fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice, pepper, salt, cilantro and diced tomato. It is the best guacamole out there!




These were ground turkey, spinach and sautéed mushroom enchiladas on white corn tortillas. My dad made really good homemade enchilada sauce, we sprinkled cheese on them and baked them.

image image

We didn’t get a picture of the quesadillas or my birthday cake, but it was one of the best- a caramel, chocolate pecan cake with coffee ice cream.

Ok, well the girls and I are here.. and we have had so many delicious creations that we want to share with all of you, so we will be posting lots of holiday pictures and ideas within the next few days! In the meantime, happy holidays and we hope all of our fabulous readers are enjoying some time off from work, school and have a happy rest of the 2014 year!





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