Happy Holidays To Our Readers!

Savannah and I are super excited about the holidays and ready to relax, unwind and take a few weeks off. We just finished our finals this week and can’t wait to sleep in and binge Netflix! 😉






The holidays in Florida are pretty amazing; with sand Christmas trees, tons of lights, snow falling… But we are excited to see the real snow up north!
We are heading back up north to spend Christmas and the New Years with our family!
We will update you soon!
Happy Holidays and Thanks for sticking around as our amazing readers!
What are your holiday plans?
What is your favorite holiday activity?


One thought on “Happy Holidays To Our Readers!

  1. Hi Girls,
    Sorry I haven’t written in a while. We finally moved to a newly redone apt – same bldg but up to the 5th floor. We moved on the 8th – still unpacking – Uncle Wes has adjusted very well – I was afraid he would be really confused but he has been helping me unpack and seems to know where the important things are. We moved from a 2 bedroom 2 baths to 1 bedroom 1 bath at the front of the bldg with lots of light. The back is quite dark and even cooler inside. We can see the high school a block away and everyone coming and going – traffic on the street also a block away – so we feel like we are part of the world. The back has a beautiful wooded view but it is very boring after a while. On Tuesday we had freezing rain in the early morning and we liked being able to see how traffic was moving, or not moving. We also have many trees and plantings in the front, and for warmer seasons a gazebo and other seating areas and a beautiful, melodious fountain! The sun rises and sets in front of our balcony – yes we really are much happier now!
    Please tell your parents our news- apt # is now 502.
    Travel safely to ME.
    Aunt Elaine and Uncle Wes


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