OMG! Jason Derulo! Talk Dirty To ME!

Savannah has been bothering me forever and ever to go to a concert. There are tons of different artists always coming to Florida, and we are in like a hotspot.. only a little drive to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando.. all within about 3 hours.. so we finally decided on Jason Derulo and Becky G in St. Petersburg.


Savannah was so excited to get the big X’s. It was actually around 45-50 degrees when this picture was taken and we were about two hours from home with no clothes than what we were wearing. It was a crazy cold spell that South Florida was getting.. and the concert was 4 hours of outdoor music! It was fun but crazy! The concert was at this really cool outdoor venue called Jannus Live, so if you are ever in the St. Petersburg area you should check out if they are having any cool events there!

IMG_2947I think I took about a hundred pictures and videos of Jason and Becky G… not that I will ever look at them or watch them but I was just so excited in the moment! And we were so close it was awesome!


Who is your #1 pick to see in concert?

❤ Sierra



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