Few Randoms From the Week

IMG_3133Just how awesome is this picture! If you love inspirational stuff… On my personal instagram I follow @riawnacapri and sometimes she posts really great stuff that just gives your day that umpphh you might be needing! You should check it out!

So, if you have never eaten ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.. you are missing out! This was my first REAL time there a few days ago..and it was so cool! You pick a bunch of different flavors that you want to try, and then as many different top pins of candy, nuts, marshmallows etc and they mix it all together for you. I would say it is similar to a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but it is really totally different! You must try it out! I had coffee ice cream mixed with almonds and heath bar! It was seriously the best! If Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t come out with this flavor soon…I might have to give them a call!

IMG_3083I am not trying to promote too many different people or places.. but Sweet Tomatoes! Check! (ok.. its like a “Things I’m Lovin’ Friday Post)

Anyways, they have a really great salad bar if you love salad. I went there a few weeks ago.. ohh and they also have really good coffee! They were having pumpkin soft serve as well! I just thought my plate was too pretty with healthy colors not to share it!



If you know me, then you know I LOVE taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises….I am trying to get better.. but I will take a picture of a sunset, then 3 minutes later I am like “ohh it looks so much prettier now”.. 5 minutes later.. the same thing. I am sure this has happened to you. Anyways, living on the west coast of Florida we get so many beautiful sunsets and I try to see it every night no matter where I am!

IMG_2983 IMG_2980


This was mid-sweaty-run that I saw the sun reflecting off of this pier near a beach I ran to and I had to capture and share it with you all! Look at how still that water is! On the other hand.. check out this picture my mom sent me about a week ago of the snow that the north recently got! In NOVEMBER! School was canceled for a good two or three days!



Check out this little fella I met recently! Is he not adorable or what!?


IMG_3117 IMG_3116


Two more amazing finds! So, on the left we have Cinnamon Buns from a CAN?? Yes… they were not that amazing.. but we had to try them for 140 calories each. But on the right.. Key Lime Pie yogurt! That was definitely amazing!! I am thinking of trying to make a key lime pie from this yogurt rather than using straight condensed milk. What do you think? Will it work?

IMG_3137Lastly, I was driving home from school yesterday and I was following this truck. Now it may not look like much to you but it really just struck me as something simple. There was a man, in his cowboy hat. His windows rolled down. His tan arm sticking out of the window. It was just him and his truck and a sunny cool day. He seemed so at ease, so relaxed, so content. It made me realize the importance of each day, and how so much happiness comes from within yourself. Self happiness is an amazing trait that I think everyone should work on. Sometimes we get so caught up in our fast moving lives that we forget to just relax and live in the world around us, and get outside of our mind. To enjoy ourselves, and find something that makes us happy. This man, his hat, and his truck reminded me that it really is simple to enjoy ourselves and slow down just for a few minutes. 🙂

❤ Sierra








2 thoughts on “Few Randoms From the Week

  1. That salad is absolutely gorgeous! It has every color in the rainbow and looks delicious!
    What a great catch of that dock picture…almost like a painting! Nice eye!!

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