Miami Halloween Half Marathon Race Recap

Good Afternoon!


So… 2 weeks later.. 3 weeks later.. I am here to give you lots of pictures of our first half marathon success! A year ago, I never would have known what to call this.. but now after living in the “blogging world” for some time.. The “Race Recap” is here!

There are so many pictures… beware.. It is like a story book..

Saturday, November 26th began with a wake up call 4 hours after we went to sleep. Our alarms went off at 4:30 am and we were up and cruising. Wish I had taken a picture of our breakfast because we seriously stressed over it for at least a month before the race. How crazy is that!? But Savannah and I both ate the same thing. We had two pieces of whole wheat, very thick bread from Whole Foods with peanut butter. It was filling, and did not give us any cramps. That was all I was looking for. Anyways, we ate and put on our costumes and did a few warm ups on the balcony to kill some time before we had to drive over to the race start.

IMG_2721 IMG_2719 IMG_2716 IMG_2714IMG_2720 Our hotel was only about 10 minutes away from the start at Parrot Jungle Island and we made it in perfect time. We didn’t take too many pictures at the start..nerves were high (at least for me) and the lines to the bathroom.. were extremely long! We made a pit stop in the bushes by the parking lot..and even met a really nice runner over there.. how weird!



This was such an awesome feeling! The course was long.. duh.. 13.1 miles (but who am I to say that..maybe once I complete my first full marathon I can really say that!) 🙂 It started at 6:30 am, and about an hour into it the sun rose. By then we had crossed over all of the bridges to get to South Beach and we were running along the beach on the pier and boardwalk.. it was an absolutely amazing view! I am marathon spoiled now.. who wants to run a roadside half marathon, when you could be running it alongside Miami Beach! We passed by so many different people, clubs, resorts, people watching the sunset, other runners, dog walkers, coffee drinkers, a seafood festival being set up, Lincoln Road..night life just shutting down.. it was pretty amazing!

I tried to capture a few pictures along the way.. but nothing like some of the other runners like the woman who captured 23 selfies during the recent NYC Marathon! I mean that is just skill!



IMG_2851There is Savannah crossing the finish line! Go girl!


Our AWESOME medals!

IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Savannah came in about 15 minutes before me, so these pictures were RIGHT after I crossed the finish line. 


#leggie (leg selfie)

IMG_2857 IMG_2856

The after party for the race was at Nikki Beach club. I have been to this same race in the past with my older sister who ran with us that day and they always have a really nice after party with food and drinks and vendors giving out samples, massages…

Anyways, the race was amazing! There is this feeling after completing it that is amazing! Oh, and of course, the costumes! So many great costumes! I am sure you can find tons of great pictures on the Miami Half Marathons Facebook page if you are interested!

If you remember me talking about the hunt for “Running Costumes” in my past post, the “pig” and “baseball player” costumes that we picked out were perfect!

Keeping this short… post race.. Sushi!!!

IMG_2763 IMG_2764


And elevate those legs that are cramping and super painful! YUM and OUCH!

❤ Sierra

Have you ever been in any type of race?

What did you do this Halloween?


One thought on “Miami Halloween Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. OMG yes I love those sour lemonade rings from whole foods! They are the best! Great Halloween pics! Can’t wait to see your shots of christmas and thanksgiving sights and decorations! Aren’t they so much fun to watch out for!! You two are such cuties at the race!


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