The Friday Before our 13.1 miles

Friday was a whirlwind of driving and eating haha. According to some of the posts I’ve read regarding pre-run tips it isn’t the best idea to eat a ton the day before a race, or at least a ton of food that you don’t normally eat.. But hey where’s the fun in that?


After our drive across Alligator Alley, we had demolished all of our snacks, so we stopped at Moe’s in Davie for some awesome Mexican food before continuing up the coast. Savannah and I both decided to skip out on the beans.

We stopped at our older sisters University for a last minute printing of licenses in order to get our race packages at the check in. Did anyone know that Diwali was last week?! Well there was tons of Indian food and decorations and cake in the student lounge… We just couldn’t pass it up! (Cake before the race.. curried tofu… hmm)



Savannah and I posed with razor the shark; our school mascot!

Oh, and a sister picture before we headed down to Miami.

Yes! Savannah is officially taller than me… I finally gave up fighting this battle.
No one had gotten costumes yet, and we had to find something different to wear! We seriously were in this Halloween super store for a good hour and a half! Too many options!






It was an hour and a half of “what should I be?” “Will this be comfortable to run in?” “Will this go up and down? Side to side?”  “Will it give me a rash?” “Do they have it in a junior will be cheaper” “FIFTY DOLLARS!” You get the point… It’s not too easy to run in a sexy nurse costume, so we had to be flexible.
This guy working here was happy to model the superman costume for us, as my sister needed a superman shirt and cape for her friend that was meeting us for the half marathon.




After trying on our costumes in the hotel, Savannah and I headed out to Burger and Beer Joint in South Beach for burgers. Yes, she is a vegetarian. Yes, I kind of made her go. Yes, it was amazing!!

Ps. I just had to share that nice “art” hanging above our bed.




We were out so late, and we were so full but it was soo worth it! They had the most amazing sweet potato fries and zucchini fries!

Oh, and of course we got a little lost on our way back to our hotel and found this beautiful spot to take a picture of miami across the bay…along with everyone else who looked lost and then saw this view 😊
We finally crashed around 12:30 am only to get up around 4:30… But it was all worth it!
I will post about the race tomorrow! Just had to give you all a few pictures and updates.


6 thoughts on “The Friday Before our 13.1 miles

  1. Wow! Not boring to be a Spice Sister! Love your vivid descriptions of ‘scenery and matching foods’. Be well! Much love,
    Elaine and Wes


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