Barbeque Chicken Fajita Salad

Last night was my first official ‘day after’ first day of school. I am not going to really discuss too much about my school here to retain my privacy ( I am sure you all understand) but Nursing school so far has been going well. I should not judge it all too quickly and conclude whether I ‘like it’ in that terms yet, but so far so good. Short and simple. The best way. I had planned on sharing this with you last night, but my parents are getting quite good at face timing and Savannah and I talked to them for a while last night and heard about Starr’s first day as well as all the lovely family catch up that siblings and parents can quack about for hours.

photo-125So I had boiled some chicken earlier that day. You can bake, grill, boil, microwave.. do just about anything to your chicken but I find boiling to be the fastest way, and sometimes I am very impatient when it comes to cooking, although if you eat just plain boiled chicken…sometimes it is pretty tasteless. I added black beans, green peppers, white onions, and corn and sautéed it all in this Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce. For those under age; it is alcohol free.

imagesI would definitely recommend trying it out. It has great flavor and is not too sweet, which is perfect for me. I let all of that sautee for a good 10+ minutes while I prepare the cold part of the salad. I don’t mind the warm toppings on top of the cold salad, but if you prefer otherwise just stick the chicken/veggies in the refrigerator once they are finished cooking and let them cool for a few minutes.


I used a base of romaine, a few chopped carrots, one chopped tomato, chopped cilantro, some salsa and squeezed half a lime onto the salad. I squeezed the other half of the lime into the barbecue chicken stir-fry.


Just top it off with whatever else you would like; more veggies, other salad dressing etc and enjoy! I crushed some tortilla chips onto it which always makes it taste better with a little crunch.

bbq chic edit


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