Gymtimidation at Planet Fitness

Honestly, I have never had to buy a gym membership. I have always had gyms at my schools, colleges, ones at home etc…so we didn’t know what to look for exactly. But when you hear Pizza Monday’s and Bagel Tuesdays and free tanning..well I’m all ears. ( I would never go tanning in a million years, with everything you hear about what tanning beds to you) and I probably won’t eat the free pizza and bagels either, but hey it sounds good.


Planet Fitness. No critics. Judgement Free Zone. No Critics. Oh, and no lunking. You may ask what lunking is. Here is a link: Lunking at Planet Fitness.

Lunk: “Ryan is slamming his weights wearing a body building tank top and drinking out of a gallon water jug, what a f***** lunk!”(

So I seem to be finding online that both lunking and Planet Fitness are both topics of large controversy. I’ve heard a few things about both, but so far there seems to be nothing to complain about at our gym! (and no lunkers lol) so we are happy! So I took a few photos of the inside of the gym for those that are interested and may be looking for a new home. As you can tell they are very color coordinated!

photo-112photo-113photo-114photo-115So, post gym we drove over to Publix and found these new drinks. They are called 989 On Demand. We were only able to find a few flavors but they were super good. They are similar to vitamin water with lots of added vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, but they are sweetened (slightly) with Stevia rather than any artificial sweetener. We loved it! We made it to the car (in the pouring rain that we get every afternoon in Florida) and we sat in the car for literally 5 minutes trying to figure out how to open our bottles. Savannah finally looked up a video online to see how to open them. YES, they have a video…How to Open 989. Make sure to watch this before trying to open the bottle! (Hint: I didn’t and I missed the awesome design of the bottle!)

photo-119What a deal on raspberries! You can bet we stocked up! We even found buy 2 get 1 free Laughing Cow Cheese… and we stocked up!

photo-118We had some Moe’s the other night.. our favorite! We were also outside of Target the other day and spotted the “Team Photo”..we have to give it to them.. umbrellas? Well.. it was at least 90 degrees out!

photo-117Can you see them way over there? We were running across the parking lot trying to get a picture before they disbursed, but we had large cups of hot coffee and shoppings bags so it was a struggle.. although the parking lot was empty at 9 am. Oh, and lastly.. I saw this picture on a social media site of Tostito’s and just loved it. I hope my desk can be that cute someday! Plus the chips and salsa of course!

10612633_768246553231406_8050007530323010849_nWell, Happy Labor Day to all of you! Enjoy the day off and send appreciation and love to those around you and let them know you are thinking of them!

❤ Sierra

  • What are your labor day plans?
  • What is your favorite workout beverage?



3 thoughts on “Gymtimidation at Planet Fitness

  1. The moes salad looks awesome! I love salsa as dressing! Im surprised a gym does not serve healthier treats after a workout. Never heard of those drinks.


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