Sunday always Funday.. or Not

Well… Savannah woke up early this morning to get her run in, while I always sleep in late and do mine in the evening. We are like a mouse and a rat.. almost the same species but differences.. ok I feel like that is a bad comparison. Anyways, she came in to wake me up around 9:15. We have a church that we attend sometimes, and this was our first Sunday here.. so we definitely wanted to go. Our Pastor Heidi is absolutely amazing, and today’s sermon was on “The Bellybutton”. So this church also uploads all of her sermons on to youtube. You might have to wait a few days for this weeks (8/17) sermon to get uploaded, but I highly recommend you watch it if you are interested in it. Here is the link to their youtube channel. Click Here.

So, my mother and Starr gave Savannah and I, a latte foamer before we left. So after church we stopped to get some milk to foam. I wasn’t sure it would work with almond milk, but Savannah says otherwise. Regardless, Savannah is now obsessed with this new car and has started saving… what a coincidence we saw it in the grocery store parking lot.


photo-74photo-73So there is our new foamer, and these cute little tea cups that we picked up yesterday!

Everyone knows how us and internet make a bad story.. well… today is just one more day to add to that. Savannah is taking a few classes online and she needs internet to be able to do the assignments. We haven’t had internet for at least 12 hours, and when we do get it.. it only stays on for about 3 hours. I spent at least 30 minutes with them on the phone today.. as you already saw.. so hopefully we will get it all cleared up. After we couldn’t get the internet working Savannah googles every place within a 40 minute drive (libraries are closed on Sundays??) and decides to go out to Starbucks. The closest one being about 30-40 minutes away. She is back 10 minutes after she leaves…having car problems. So she decides to take our other car that we have had parked here since last spring.

It’s dead. Of course. Internet still not working. 2 cars not working.

photo-72This will be the 2nd jumping of cars we have done in the past 3 days.. hopefully our luck will improve! On the bright side, we are getting good at it. Red on positive, black on negative. *Make a note*

photo-71We baked in the sun for a good 15 minutes while giving the car plenty of time to recharge the battery. Selfie time. Some of us were back in our pajamas.

photo-66Do we look a little hot?

Unfortunately, all of our technical skills were a no go. We came back in… I was about to drive Savannah to town… and our internet started working! Hallelujah!

I saw this furry friend last night…



We have been quite the handy men lately…Alright.. time to make some dinner and finish our unpacking!

❤ Sierra






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