Pita’s, Errands and Movies

So it was kind of our official first night last night in our house. If you are a picky sleeper, which I know I am not.. but some are.. well that was me last night. I tossed and turned and couldn’t find the right amount of sheets and comforter, heat and AC. Then the pillows, and the light.. I don’t know what was wrong but it just wasn’t a good night.

I wish I could say I woke up to a hot pot of coffee, but no. Savannah knows that I am the worst coffee maker ever. I can never get it JUST RIGHT. It is always watery or like “thick sludge”. This morning was a little different. I stumbled out of bed, and went straight to make coffee…nothing else first. And… it came out good!

Savannah had planned a day of shopping, thrift stores, yard sales and movies. We had compiled a list of some things we were missing around the house.. and we were on the hunt for a desk. End of the day; still no desk. We went through them all; black, white, wood, glass, big, small, computer desk, cabinet desk, Walmart, Target, side of the road, etc etc.. you get the point. Hopefully we will find one soon!


We managed to find a few items. This was just the beginning of our cart. We were so excited to get a water filter although it took us literally 20 minutes to find one. They are located in the Hardware Section just for future notice… No.. they are not a kitchen appliance, or even located with dish ware or tupperware..

Yes, we did buy some diet soda. Every now and then its ok… Interestingly enough I was scrolling through Women’s Health Articles last night and I saw this picture.


Our older sister raves about Pita Pit, so on our way to the movies we were starving and decided to try it out. They had a ton of great options, especially for vegetarians. As you all know Savannah is vegetarian and I have been eating less and less meat as I spend more and more time with her. Even today, I got the hummus pita wrap stuffed with hummus, olives, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and honey mustard. Savannah went for the garden wrap with all of the vegetables. If you have a ‘Pita Pit’ in your area I definitely recommend trying it out. It is a nice alternative for Subway or Quizno’s.




I also have been hearing a ton about these new Bai5 drinks and decided to try them out. Well….. for all the attention they are getting, it is well deserved! These are amazing! Better than fruit juice, better than vitamin water! You must try!! 10 calories per bottle and only 2g of sugar and it feels like you are drinking fruit juice.. plus they have tons of great flavors! Mango, Coconut, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Mandarin.. let us know if you try them and like them!


So we went to see ‘Let’s Be Cops’. It just came out, and I love Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries. (We visited Covington, GA on our road trip down to Florida) and so we are on a NINA TRAIL right now. This movie was good. It was funny, but it wasn’t amazing…although it had some interesting ideas and characters.



I know I always love getting mail.. so we stocked up on post cards to send to Starr and a few others.


We also found a great store with cheap DVD’s. I cringe when buying used DVD’s because you never know what scratches or problems they may have, but I made sure all of the disks were good. They are all classics in our house 🙂 ( no brothers… so…chick flicks it is most of the time)


Oh, and we saw quite a few great paintings on canvas in the thrift stores. I love looking at the art in thrift stores because it is usually one of a kind (especially the hand painted art) and sometimes you are able to find that really great piece. I found tons of those today, but it is also fun to have “Art Day’s” and create your own art! These are two cool pieces I saw. They will be inspiration for future DIY.

Speaking of DIY… we did nab a few ‘rough pieces’ today which we are going to work on as projects. We will let you know how these turn out when we start working on them. Right now they are going in the garage while we prepare for school to start.

We got home late, and Savannah cooked up a veggie scramble while I had salmon, sweet potatoes and salad.

photo-62p.s. This is also a late post as our internet has been out for almost 24 hours… BUT we have a Comcast technician coming on Tuesday who can hopefully be our savior! Fingers crossed!

❤ Sierra



4 thoughts on “Pita’s, Errands and Movies

      1. I love Pita Pit! If you get on their text list they text you deals! I also love that when you order tunafish for a salad or sandwich, they make it to order and ask if you want mayo. I hate mayo so I always get my tuna plain.


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