Florida Sunset Walks

Yup, so whoever said that sunset walks are nice, check up on that again! Or at least in Florida!

SAV Collage

Savannah and I made an early dinner because I have to get to bed early (right.. its 11 pm) and Savannah has lots of school work to keep working on. We decided to put in a few miles after dinner, but completely timed it wrong. We missed the sunset, got the dark set and the mosquitoes. Man are they bad down here! It may be because we are on the water, it was sunset, there is a swampy area near by…I’m not sure why. But if you live in Florida make sure to plan your outdoor activities for when the sun is up and visible!


Now I send you off to bed with good thoughts for Monday. I have my Nursing Orientation at school tomorrow..8:30 am! I need to make sure I set my alarm! Then the countdown is on… one week until the semester officially starts and I begin Nursing School and Savannah begins her first year of college!


Oh, and p.s. (tonight) the sunset walk was my idea.

❤ Sierra

  • When is your favorite time to workout?
  • What do you do to make it through Monday?

2 thoughts on “Florida Sunset Walks

  1. LOL. Most places spray so there are no mosquitoes! I haven’t seen any at dusk or dawn! That could be a good workout swatting mosquitoes! I like the mornings for working out..great way to start the day!


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