We Made It!!

Good Morning Everyone!

(p.s.) This blog post was written this morning, but right before I was able to post it our internet went out. Yes, even though we have made it out of Maine and down to Florida.. the internet is still shaky here. Savannah reset our modem this morning after the internet went out.. but she didn’t press BOTH reset buttons…so after we both complained all day about no internet ( we also have very little cell reception here) I finally went to the modem and reset them both.. and they STARTED TO WORK! It was a great end to the day!

Back to this morning…

So we finally made it! Savannah and I were able to wake up to a Florida sunrise this morning (haha yah right…) But at least I was up by 9 today. We left Sunday morning and arrived to Florida “officially” on Tuesday but stayed for the day with our older sister on the east coast of the state. Much needed down time right there. Wednesday morning we packed up, hit my storage unit, did some grocery shopping, target shopping and made it to our new place by dinner time. We were so zonked! Just look at that face…


photo-50This was even after almost 60 oz of coffee…Oh which reminds me.. Dunkin Donuts has a “Coffee Happy Hour”. From 3-6 pm everyday; hot or iced coffee or tea, any size is only 99 cents! We couldn’t pass that up! Savannah is a Dunkins girl, and I’m more of a Starbucks girl so when we are together we have to go between them to make us both happy! But now that we are back down south…so there are so many more Starbuckizzles 🙂

So this post is going to be ultra short as Savannah has been up for hours ( as usual) and has already unpacked our entire cars contents into the living room! We will be posting throughout the next few days on all of our road trip fun, so be sure to stay tuned!

But Florida sure is beautiful!



Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of August..before school starts 🙂

The easiest breakfast in the world… Because I am still tired..what is wrong with me!?


❤ Sierra

5 thoughts on “We Made It!!

  1. Thanks for letting us know you made it. Exactly where are you? The apt looks beautiful and the grounds and the pool… I was telling Grammy , the other day, about your road pictures and adventures. She would really enjoy being able to read this blog and see your pics. Can you just start sending it to her? I think her computer is working?? You know she doesn’t get out a lot right now, so hearing from you would really brighten her days.
    Much love,
    Elaine and Wes

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  2. What kind of cereal is that? Kashi with almond milk? Florida sunsets sure are the best! Good luck moving in and with your first day of school!


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