Kitchen and Food Tour- Girls Day

So yesterday, my mom (Terra), Savannah and I went on the Merry Spring Kitchen Tour on the coast of Maine near our home. There were 9 kitchens that you could visit that were all in a 15 mile radius of each other. At each house there was a restaurant or chef featured who had samplings from their local eatery. So 9 kitchens and at least 9 samplings…plus some amazing views, houses and decor….

First stop.. we had to get booties and tickets! At every house you had to put your booties on and then take them off. I wore flip flops, and booties and flip flops do not combine well!


I won’t list the houses in order with the food that they were serving, but you should know that the directors of these tours did a really good job pairing the food with the homes. The simplicity of one apartment had the simple crab claws… it was just matched really nice!

photo-23This was our ticket to each house on the tour.. which we forgot at a few houses, squished our gum all over, spilled oil.. you get the picture.. so by the end of the day these were looking a little scary!


So, we had an amazing selection of tapas as you can tell. I don’t think I managed to capture every option we had.

In addition to the beef stroganoff, clam chowder, seafood chowder, two different kinds of crab cakes, meringue cookies with lemon custard (you will hear about these later), bruschetta, black bean corn salad with fresh arugula and ham and tuna sandwiches on fresh baked bread….(not shown in pictures) we had organic chocolate bars with nuts, berries and cinnamon, mini cupcakes, locally ground coffee, iced coffee with iced coffee cubes, hummus, portabella, spinach, olive wraps and probably more that I have forgotten!

(Pictures were also not allowed on the tour…so shhh)


One house required us to park and take golf cart shuttles up a mountain! It was this house..


I mean this house was absolutely gorgeous.. this is an infinity pool overlooking ponds and gardens and the Atlantic Ocean.



Savannah fell in love with the white brick look.. we will add that to our list of items we are looking for in an apartment when we go apartment hunting soon!


Ok, so this red bedroom had a funny story to go along with it. But it is one of those stories where you just have to be there to be able to laugh at it. We weren’t allowed in the home, so we peaked through these windows that were about 5 or 6 feet high above the building.. and snapped pictures..(You really had to be there)


Oh, and our EBS Kitchen Styling Store had local organic chocolate bars for samples. We were the only ones there almost, and there was only ten minutes left so we cleared off those plates! 😉

We made a stop at TJ Maxx and Home Goods, Staples and then to some Thai for

We were trying to use up a bit of time while we waiting for our Dad and Starr to join us for dinner.. so Savannah and I had some fun in the speaker section.


We have a rule in our family “no electronics at the table”. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner if we are all sitting down to a meal together. It also includes laptops, kindles, iPads, cell phones.. you get the point. Lately.. Savannah has been a naughty girl…photo-18

Ok, so these meringue cookies with a little lemon custard and fresh blueberries were the most amazing creations! I am going to try to make a batch before we leave.. I will post the recipe and results within the next few days. The sweet meringue with the tart lemon was perfect!

Ok, over and out to start packing up! We are going to get our nails done and take a 7 mile bike ride along the ocean.

❤ Sierra

What are you favorite summer desserts?









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