Lake Fun

So the other day we finally made it out to the lake for some boat action. As a family we love to waterski, knee board and tube. Thanks to our mom and dad.. they taught us from an early age..I mean when we first began to walk. I remember the first little wetsuit my mother bought me and the ski’s that my father taught us on.

756545_L1It looked similar to this one, minus the flames. How many of you guys have ever tried waterskiing? It may look easy, but it takes some serious muscle that I didn’t have a few days ago. I am still sore two days later and can feel it in my arms, shoulders and back. But it feels good…

So we like to ski two at a time. You can talk to your fellow skier, crash with them, fall with them, try to get up out of the water with them five times..

0803141513aThere are a bunch more pictures, but we are all just little figures in the distance because we ski at least 25 feet behind the boat.. so you get the idea. We ski on two and we ski on one ski (slalom skiing).


0803141547And we always pack snacks! We have two great drivers 🙂



This is our dad. I think it is the first picture we have of him online.

  • What is your favorite summer activity?


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