We LOoove Frozen Yogurt and Reny’s!

So.. It finally has come! We have been awaiting the day that Sweet Frog opened in Belfast and it finally did! Life is complete.. for a few days.

Savannah and I are leaving on our road trip to college in less than two weeks.. so we have until then to take advantage of the Frozen Yogurt 15 minutes from our house. I am sure we will be sick of it by then as we have already been there 3 times in 24 hours. Crazy I know… but in this small town it is the biggest attraction right now.

Anyways… Sweet Frog has amazing toppings..and usually great flavors.. which they did. But I was sad to see they did not have my favorite Peanut Butter flavor.

IMG_0420I love the colors in Sweet Frog; when you walk in… it feels like you are in a giant Easter Haven.

photo(2)Some of us had just woken up… you know…those squinty eyes and bad hair days 🙂

photo(3)We enjoyed our yogurt outside of Renys. It was my breakfast so I piled on the toppings!


And followed it up with two cups of coffee.


Savannah and I are planning out our road trip right now, so we will share it with you soon! Any suggestions for neat places along the East Coast of the States? We are traveling from coastal Maine to Jupiter, Florida before we head west across the state of Florida to our final destination; Ft. Myers Florida!


3 thoughts on “We LOoove Frozen Yogurt and Reny’s!

  1. Places to see depends on you – natural sites like the Outer Banks, historic sites from the Revolution, Civil War, homes of famous people – writers, artists, musicians, and, and, etc. Museums of all kinds cabins to mansions, maritime, aquariums, plantations, Mt Vernon, Washington, DC, Lighthouses and wonderful water views, Savannah, St Augustine. Every place has it’s own charm and history. Just be sure to plan carefully what you want to see, check the days and hours each is open and admission – otherwise you will spend too much time deciding and not enough seeing Plan – that doesn’t mean you can’t change – just gives you a plan that can be adjusted as you go.
    Uncle Wes and I traveled a good part of the country in 1994-95 in a motor home. It was wonderful! We had routes and sites/places to go. Then we made changes along the way – added and subtracted – for various reasons like weather and traffic! Stayed places longer if we loved it – left sooner if it was less than we expected. I’m excited that you are doing this – seeing new places and people changes your view of the world.


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