Summer Snacking

Even though July is coming to an end and August is rapidly approaching, summer is still here. The hot summer weather  sometimes devours my appetite and I would rather snack throughout the day than eat large, filling meals. 

We’ve been slacking the past few days on blogging… But there will be lots to come as we prepare for our road trip down south, starting school and moving into a new place. 

To give you a few ideas on fresh summer snacks we have been eating, I collected a bunch of random pictures I have taken and want to share with you all. 

Oh, and if you follow us on Instagram.. You might have seen some of these 🙂 We just wanted to make sure our blog readers saw them as well!


Laughing cow cheese and chopped vegetables


Fresh peaches


Sweet Potato Fries




Hard Boiled Eggs


Fresh Fruit, Cereal and Vanilla Greek Yogurt


Carrot Fries


Peanut Butter Protein Bars


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