Camping, Coffee, and Quest Bars

Well camping last week was super fun, although I wouldn’t really call it camping. There wasn’t any electricity, but there was running water coming directly from the lake and a propane powered stove and refrigerator. The cabin was on an island in the middle of a lake in northern Maine, and even though the water was pretty chilly, we all managed to go in 2 or 3 times.

photo 1-12

It was really beautiful and peaceful. We got used to the fact that there was no internet, but once we got back we all did a dash to our computers, only to find out our internet wasn’t working again. ugh.

We went kayaking and canoeing around the island and around the lake to learn some history of the land.

photo 3-11

photo 4-10

Don’t forget the s’mores!

photo 2-12

The burnt ones are the best. šŸ˜€

Since there was no electricity, we made percolated coffee. It was the best coffee I have ever had and I plan on buying a percolator in the near future. I love this mug too; it represents my life so well. haha


On our way back to camp, I had this subway salad. Unfortunately they do not sell tofu pups or laughing cow cheese, so I had to add those. We saw about 3 cars on the road for the first hour of our drive, and we were all in culture shock when we entered our town with a population of approximately 1000 people. haha.

photo 1-11

Basically, once you have been in northern Maine for a while, you start to not care about what you look like, hence the hat.

photo 5-5

After seeing the beautiful sunrise over the lake, not to mention to gorgeous full moon the night before, I have been getting up earlier. Unfortunately the two days this has happened it has been raining. They were both treadmill days. I am never too psyched to go on our treadmill because its pretty loud, skinny, and is located in the garage. At least I figured out how to hook up some speakers to my laptop. I think the neighbors and surrounding towns know which movies I watch, but I can still barely hear anything over the treadmill.

On a different note, last night’s dinner was s tasty. Have you ever tried roasting an acorn squash? Mmm its been a favorite around here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.30.36 AM

Cookie dough quest bars have also been a favorite. I really want to try making some recipes with these, so what would you like to see? Maybe coconut bark? Ice cream sandwiches? cupcakes? There are countless ideas on Pinterest if anyone wants to check them out; we will try to make anything!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.32.11 AM

I’ll leave you with this awesome photo of me while I was cooking dinner last night. Maybe this is why my creations never look as appetizing as they taste.. hmm

photo 2-13

What did you do last weekend?

What quest bar recipes would you like us to try?

Have you ever tried percolated coffee?


2 thoughts on “Camping, Coffee, and Quest Bars

  1. Hi Savannah,
    I hesitate to say this but there used to be 2 kinds of coffee pots. Percolator and Drip. You know what a percolator is but did you know that the earliest had no basket? Water and coffee were just tossed into the pot and boiled. Some people added an egg or egg shells. Uncle Wes says his grandmothers – your great-great grandmothers Johnson and Peterson made boiled coffee. The drip pot had a basket for grounds – first boil water, then pour over grounds and let drip. Next was the electric percolator – big hit in the early 1950s. Yes i was alive then. Much later – 1980s I think came the electric/autodrip pots and all the varieties of coffee pots we see now. Oh and in the 1940s during WWII Instant coffee was invented because real coffee went to the War Effort for the soldiers, sailors, and marines. By the 50s many people used only instant coffee. Then real coffee became more affordable and here we are with coffee”makers” from all over the world.
    I almost forgot – we have a 1970s harvest gold, aluminum percolator that your Great grandmother – Grandma Pete or Great Grammy depending on which family you were part of – had used in the trailer they had then. We use it when the electric ones die. I think Grammy B has one too.
    Much love to all, Elaine and Wes


  2. HaHa the mug and your foggy glasses. I like the subway sweet green peppers in my salad. Even though subway should have more protein options, they do have large egg white patties they can add on your salad.


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