Happy July 5th!

Good Morning July 5th!

Update on Maine…rain..rain..rain and more rain!

I think we are getting the remainder of Hurricane Arthur right now, but it definitely isn’t as bad as what the Carolina’s got a few days ago. We have just been rained out for the last 24 hours. I told Savannah we are going to lose power… now we just wait… (we ALWAYS lose power!)

No fireworks yesterday, no bonfires..no outdoor activities..But of course, I love the rain.. so I had nothing to complain about!

I had to work the lunch shift at a lobster restaurant where I have been working this summer. At first I wasn’t too excited about going into work on the 4th of July, but surprisingly we were pretty busy so it made my time worth while….which always makes a servers job better πŸ™‚

When I got home it was just starting to rain and I found everyone inside cooking and playing cards.


My mom made delicious chocolate chip cookies, red white and blue rice krispies, a lemon basil tortellini salad and my father grilled barbeque chicken.

In all of the relaxation I didn’t snap any pictures 😦 But somehow it was kind of nice not to worry about taking pictures.

We played quite a few games of Gin Rumey and BS. Those are our two favorites πŸ™‚ Savannah, my dad and I won quite a bit.. and for Starr.. well..

Haley (our older sister) sent us her lunch from a hot 4th in Florida…

photo(4)So we found our stash of Arctic Zero in the freezer for dessert and went at it. We had Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate (my two favorite!)…while watching Leave It To Beaver. What a traditional American movie for Independence Day! (We were trying to watch Father of The Bride.. but we only have it on VHS and it wouldn’t work in one of our VHS players.. so we tried to eject it.. but it got stuck…Now we have no Father of The Bride Movie….only a broken VHS player with a broken movie stuck inside of it!

But it was the perfect day and although it was not our traditional 4th..it was still a great family celebration!

❀ Sierra

Well let us know what you did yesterday!

What is your favorite flavor of Arctic Zero?


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