We did it…Treadmill Find

“Well we did it!” That seems to be the mantra around our house lately. We have this insanely slow internet up here on the coast of Maine. I am not quite sure why…and probably by the end of the summer we will all have gotten new computers from thinking that it was our own computer that was slow, or we will have ripped out all of our hair. Either way…Really, we should just say that we have no internet (in fact I told someone from down South that we didn’t have internet in Maine and they actually believed me!)
Anyways, we did it…
-I made a blog post and was able to upload photos..finally! ( you have no idea how long I sat at my computer while typing and blogging this post!)
-Savannah, Starr and I have purchased the domain laspicesisters.com rather than having a longer web address with “wordpress” on the end.
-We made it to July
-We made it to summer! 🙂
-We got a treadmill!

So.. a long story made short..
Savannah and I are heading back to college down in Florida in about 5 weeks. We are taking a road trip together to get down there. It will be Savannah’s first year ( a dual enrollment program in her senior year of high school) and my 4th year.. but my first year in Nursing School (there is another long story which I will save for later!)…
So as you know we are also in training for our Miami Halloween Half Marathon in the end of October. Up here in Maine it is hill after hill after dirt road after pot hole after more hills…Which creates a tough terrain to log multiple miles running on.
So we were on the lookout for a treadmill for our house to put in some miles running on a flat surface. We like the home gym thing 🙂
Something matched up in the clouds!
Our father called us with a spotting of a free treadmill in the next town over..only about 15 minutes away. Savannah said “no, no, no!” She had claimed to already seen it, declared it didn’t work and it was made of wood and too old for us.. I said “let’s go” and begged her to go look at it. Starr joined us…and 15 minutes later we were jogging on the side of Route 1.

There was this super cute older gentleman that brought out his extension cord so we could make sure the treadmill worked before we lugged it away. And I mean lugged…it was seriously heavy!

Luckily it did….
And we were able to find the “crank” (??!) to increase and decrease the speed! I am pretty sure this treadmill was made before I was born..
I will let you know how our runs go on it. We have had some incredible weather here in Maine lately so none of us have really tried it out yet..but the weather forecast shows some rain coming this weekend (and for the 4th of July).
We also celebrated our new home gym addition with some new workout gear as many of you may have seen if you follow us on instagram.

That is me logging my miles uphill.. with my new socks! How cute 🙂

I also passed by this lovely field of flowers which reminded me of the scene in the meadow with Edward and Bella

photo-29I also saw these lovely words of motivation this morning on my instagram feed and wanted to share them with you all!


What is your “we did it” list this week?

2 thoughts on “We did it…Treadmill Find

  1. Wow I have never been to maine! Maybe if you only have dial up where you live you could go to a coffee shop for wifi. I would hate to not have you post because of your internet. I look forward to your posts everyday! The treadmill video is hilarious. I assume it is cold in Maine so maybe you could get an extension cord and run on it outside to get some flat miles in?? I think all treadmills are heavy! I love all the pics you take on runs! You see so much stuff when you are not in a car or buzzing by on a bike! That is why outside running is so much better than inside. Maybe you could bring your treadmill to a busy road or street and watch people as you run lol.


  2. I think Haley has some very constructive suggestions that Las Spices should certainly consider. The photos of workout gear were quite inspirational. I may buy some to have ready whenever I begin my workout routine.
    If Arthur cooperates, we should see you late Monday afternoon. Wes and I are both excited. We haven’t been to Northport/Belfast since you were really young. Just after you moved to Pine Lodge which wasn’t Pine Lodge yet.
    Happy Independence Day!!

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