8 Healthy Food Substitutes You Don’t Know About!

Hi Everyone!

This morning we were all making breakfast and realized that we could make our bagels a lot healthier by just using different ingredients! We created a list of healthy substitutes for food that you love! These substitutes have fewer calories and sometimes taste even better than the original food!


1. Arctic Zero Instead of Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream right? Well, Arctic Zero has a ton of flavors and are only 150 calories per pint! That’s right, 150 PER PINT! That means you can go eat a whole pint of this “ice cream” and it is still less calories than half a cup of Ben and Jerry’s.




2. Laughing Cow Cheese Instead of Regular Cheese

Everyone loves their cheese, but no one likes the fat or calories that come in it. Luckily, Laughing Cow came out with cheese wedges that are 50 calories (or 35 calories if you get the light version) that only have 1.5 grams of fat per wedge. They can be used as cream cheese, dipping cheese, melting cheese, spreading cheese, etc… Our favorite kind is this one:



3. Fat Free Half & Half Instead of Cream

If you use cream in your coffee, you easily put at least 40 calories into your cup every morning. If you use fat free half and half, you cut down on the fat and cut the calories in half!  Fat free half and half doesn’t make your coffee taste any different, take it from a coffee expert!



4. PB2 Instead of Peanut Butter

Sometimes there are those days when you just want to eat peanut butter by the spoonful. Well now you can! PB2 only has 45 calories per 2 tablespoons 😀 It comes in two flavors; chocolate and original.




5. Almond Milk Instead of Milk

Almond milk tastes great and is only 30 calories per cup! You can use it in cereal, recipes, coffee, tea, or anything else that uses regular milk.



6. Shirataki or Miracle Noodles instead of Spaghetti

These noodles are a lifesaver! The Tofu Shirataki noodles have 40 calories per bag and the miracle noodles have 0 calories per bag. They are made out of Konjac, which is a Japanese root. They come in different shapes and sizes and there is even Miracle Rice!

Unknown-1 91sO+tuxZzL._SL1500_


7. Vita Tops instead of Brownies

Vita tops are AMAZING! If you have not tried them, rush to your grocery store’s freezer aisle and buy them immediately! Vita tops come in so many different flavors, but our favorite kind is the deep chocolate. Each Vita Top is 100 calories, so feel free to indulge!



8. Light Tofu instead of Regular Tofu

As you know (if you read my bio) I don’t eat meat, so I really love tofu! Instead of buying regular tofu, I buy light tofu. There are 45 calories per serving and only 200 calories for the whole package.


We will be posting recipes in the coming weeks that include these substitutes so stay tuned!

If you are craving something sweet now, check out our 250 Calorie Brownie Sundae Recipe!

Would you like us to post about healthy baking substitutes?

What are your favorite healthy snacks and substitutes?

-LSS ❤


3 thoughts on “8 Healthy Food Substitutes You Don’t Know About!

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