Late Night Ice Cream Run and Frozen Yogurt Giveaway

Ice Cream, everyone loves ice cream! ❤ Especially now that it is summer..

Well the other night Savannah and I made a late night ice cream run and had a hard time deciding on a flavor.. the choices were endless…

photo (9)

 And we may have been wearing our pajamas and slippers…

photo (7)But….what we really wanted was our favorite Fro-Yo! In Maine we have to travel at least an hour to get to the nearest Sweet Frog! Can you believe that? But.. we have one coming about ten minutes away from our house…we drove by it today.

photo (16)

We are so excited for our Sweet Frog to open, even though it might still be an empty store behind that paper..

But Sweet Frog has one of the best selections of toppings for frozen yogurt so that will be a huge plus! (We may just be their best customer!)

bbbbbLastly, we want to remind everyone that there are only a few hours left of our giveaway for a $10 dollar gift card to the frozen yogurt store of your choice! Enter now here. It is super easy and takes less than a minute! Share it with your friends!

We will be announcing the winner tomorrow!


p.s. What are your favorite frozen yogurt toppings?



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