Father’s Day Lobsters

Hope everyone had an amazing Father’s Day!

I know I did.. although we worked most of the day 🙂

My father cooked up some amazing lobsters last night. If you don’t know lobsters, then you should know that the average size lobster that is eaten is usually between 1 lb and 1.5 lbs. Even though we ate dinner around 10 pm, we got out our scale to weight these massive monsters. They came in over 2.5 lbs! Their claws were huge and double banded!

photo (5)

photo (20)My mom and I were the only ones that could finish our lobsters..and that is very unusual in our family!

photo (6)We had delicious strawberry, blueberry shortcakes with angel food cake for dessert…but this is before the whipped cream and blueberries 😦

photo (1)The shortcakes are a Maine tradition with lobsters!

photo (3) Hope you had an amazing Father’s Day and celebrated one of the most important persons in your life!

❤ Happy Monday!

-What did you do for Father’s Day? Do you have traditions?


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Lobsters

  1. Uncle Wes and I spent Father’s Day afternoon visiting your grandmother – his sister, Barbara at Health South in Ludlow, MA. We had a really good time- sat outside in the courtyard, and talked for hrs. Then Beverlee came so we had another hour of talk and laughing until the supper trays were delivered. We have always had fun together. We even talked about La Spice Sisters blog and some of your recipes! The lobster sounds wonderful. Your father has always been a great cook!
    Love to all the Warners – from Maine to Florida.

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    1. Wow Elaine! That sounds like an amazing Father’s Day! So glad you guys had a great Sunday! Say hi to everyone! Have you tried any of our recipes yet? He is a great cook! Most of us are in Maine right now.. at least for the summer.. 🙂 ❤


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