Easy 150 Calorie Crepes!

Good Morning Everyone!

This morning Sierra and I made crepes for breakfast. They were so yummy and only about 150 calories a piece! Some of the possible ingredients you can use are:


With an array of dipping sauces 😀


These items don’t even scratch the surface for what you can use. Basically, if it is in your fridge, it can go in the crepe! Haha 🙂

We used these 50 calorie crepes that you can find at your local grocery store:


To make the fruit sauce inside, we put water, fresh apples, and frozen strawberries into a pan. We pretty much boiled it for about 8 minutes and added a few packets of Monk fruit sweetener to make it more sweet than sour.


Don’t forget to make coffee while you wait!


Then, just layer your crepe with whatever you desire! This is mine:


aaaaand Sierra’s: (before the whipped cream was added!)


And how can you not have seconds?!?


We also had a side dish of cheerios with fruit 🙂



  • Crepe: 50 calories
  • Fruit: 30 calories
  • Jelly/ cream cheese: 35 calories
  • Whipped cream: 35

Tag us on instagram with the hashtag #laspicesisters for a chance to be featured on the blog!

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Have a great Saturday! Hmm…. what’s for lunch? haha


What did you have for breakfast?

What are you doing today?



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