Tennis, Trash, Coffee and Lunch

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite some time since our last blog post, but we have not forgotten about you!

Going to keep it as short as possible.. it looks like rain outside and I have got to get out there before it starts raining harder!

Lunch was a combination from the Circle K Coffee Bar and Butternut Squash Soup with veggie sausage mixed in.

photo 3-5Even though coffee is cheap, we were so excited to use our free coffee cards! You can see the stack that we had saved up!

photo 1-6

Has anyone ever tried these? We looked them up online before pouring them into our coffee. They do say to “limit 2 per day” so we were hesitant as to what they were made of….but they seem to just be shots of black coffee.

photo 4-4

Yes.. some of us measure out our soup for a perfect serving size!photo-10 Yesterday we played a little tennis; “practice makes perfect” and then walked over to the footbridge with great views of our town.


We hadn’t seen the sun in a few days, so we were super excited when it popped out from behind the clouds for about 30 minutes. We were sweating and complaining, and I think it was only around 60 degrees fahrenheit. Oh, how Maine spoils you!



Isn’t Maine just beautiful!photo-11The views were just incredible and we practiced our panoramic skills for about half an hour… I won’t include all of those pictures! Our homepage has a new picture up from some of the silly shots we were taking…although they are a little distorted, but hey we will keep practicing!

My mom sent us after a few garbage pile items that she thought could be made into something interesting….


 Hauling treasures 🙂

photo-4“Oh mom!!”

Over and out!

❤ Sierra



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