Desert Oatmeal, Warm Weather, and Tennis!

Wow it has been so long since I have posted! But don’t worry, nothing has happened. Jk!

Well, first off I am very excited that it is finally getting warm up here in the northern climate! I was even able to break out my pajama shorts and get rid of  all that long underwear and baggy sweat pants…

photo 2-6

However, it is still not warm enough to get rid of the uggs! 😦

So, the other day Starr and I went to go play tennis at the town courts. We went in the dark, but the temperature was only in the 50’s so nbd. I was feeling pretty good about winning against Starr, so I told her I would buy her something if she won.

photo 4-4

And low and behold Starr walked away with the win. And my money. And a DQ blizzard. She did enjoyed a few victory laps, just to rub it in.

photo 3-5 photo 2-5

I guess my creation of desert oatmeal did not power me through… 😦

Speaking of desert oatmeal, you should really try it!

All you do is make your oatmeal, and then throw in some chocolate chips and whipped cream/ice cream and whatever else you find! Only about 200-400 calories depending on how crazy you go! haha

photo 4-3

This is mine with chocolate chips, coconut ice cream, and obviously oatmeal. SOoo good!

I have also been on the hunt for a good dairy-free creamer for my coffee to go with my desert oatmeal… This one is pretty good 🙂

photo 4-5

I’ll keep you updated if I find a better one.

I just realized it is Friday!! Woot woot!

Have a great weekend!

Do you fave a favorite dairy creamer?

Have you ever lost a bet?

Do you have any guilty pleasure breakfasts?


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