Friday’s Shopping Venture


Happy Cinco De Mayo before I forget! A few years back when my parents owned a Mexican Restaurant this used to be such a crazy day for us! It would be one of the busiest days of the year at the restaurant and non stop decorating, mexican food, people partying and craziness! The next day the floors in the restaurant would be COVERED in confetti; always a busy day for the sweepers and moppers!

Last Friday Haley and I went shopping. We weren’t on a mission for anything particular, we just love to go out and browse the stores for fun stuff! We were on limited time as I had to get home for that evening. TJ Maxx was our first stop, and we made our way around the store… how cute is this suitcase!

photo 1-2

I will be back for you pink suitcase!

I literally had to hold on to the racks to keep myself up. These shoes were at least 7 inches tall. I am not sure how someone could even walk in them!

aaaa unnamed

Ok, so these shoes were super cute (the black ones.. not the green ones!).. but somehow we found the “little out of my price range” isle in TJ…


While we were checking out those heels we found these cute Jimmy Choo bags. Yikes! Didn’t get that one today!

photo 4sqsq

My sisters make fun of me for my purse. Every one of them is like “what is this fringe?” I admit.. it is not the best looking bag, but it holds lots of stuff! Which I love! ❤ Like a diaper bag 🙂

photo 2-2 copy

Don’t mind the butt shot, so I am on the lookout for a new large bag.. shouldn’t be too hard for me! I can fall in love with a purse like raccoons love garbage cans!

The spring colors are so pretty in the stores!



TJ has just about everything in there.. if you can find it! We somehow always find our way to the back of the store with the kitchen stuff! They have the cutest, weirdest kitchen items that just make you want to re-do your kitchen, cook and bake! But some of these kitchen accessories are rare cream cone containers? Who saves their ice cream cones? I can usually finish mine in 5 minutes tops!


cdllWow, what if we could really make chocolate ice cubes! A sub tupperware? Really?!



If this company is anywhere as cool as their car, that would be amazing! Sign me up for a new paint job!


Well, I am off for either an outdoor workout or the gym in about an hour. Maybe I will split it half and half since there is a nice trail about a quarter a mile from the gym. It is so beautiful today!

Oh, and my sisters are always talking about these Vita Tops, but no one has ever tried them! We toughed it up and bought these ‘brownies’. They are delicious! You can find them in the frozen section of just about any grocery store.

photo 4 copy 2

Have you ever tried them? 100 calories, 9 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein! Plus.. they are made of chocolate! Who would say no?!

Check out this delicious coffee beverage that would be perfect with them! My Frap

I will post some of our great treats from the weekend later tonight with recipes so you can all start baking the week away! Mmmm.. stay tuned!

❤ Sierra

What are your favorite stores?


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