Coffee Craze!

Everyone has their go-to coffee beverage.

From a small black coffee to the triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato. Now that one is a mouthful! I am not sure I could ever be a barista at Starbucks!

I know I have a list of beverages that I LOVE..depending on the place..

Recently a blogger that I love to follow; Taralynn McNitt posted a new drink from Starbucks that I had to try! I love this post of hers:

Taralynn’s New 80 calorie Drink @ Starbucks, so… I took advantage of the offer that Starbucks has going on. I actually didn’t even know about their “Frappucinno Happy Hour” until I got to Starbucks. But from May 1st- 10th from 2-5 pm, all frappuchinos are half off! How great! 🙂

When I went to order the Taralynn’sccino the barista was a little confused. He made it all wrong, and when I went to take a sip of it, it was the grossest thing! I asked what he had put in it..and he started listing off all of these syrups. He was pretty aggravated when I asked him to re-make it with just milk and espresso shots, but it is his job! He even argued with me when he told me that it wouldn’t work without the ‘frappucino syrup’. I will just make it at home next time, it is not that hard to put a little ice, milk and espresso in the blender 🙂

But.. in the end.. it was delicious!


Oh, and I found these two articles with the most obnoxious drink orders, and “How to Skinny Your Beverage” They are both good reads, or check them out!

What is your favorite summer beverage?

2 thoughts on “Coffee Craze!

  1. Hello! At my local Starbucks they are always giving samples of iced and hot Oprah Chai. Also, at Starbucks I have asked for an iced coffee to be blended and that is pretty good!!


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