TGIF Breakfast at Haley’s

I had a stacked breakfast at my sister Haley’s house this morning complete with chobani, syrup and strawberries! I can’t believe I ate all that! And of course a large cup of coffee! Yummy yummy! We are off to do some shopping!

pcakes ed

Happy Friday everyone!

What are your plans for the weekend?

❤ Sierra

4 thoughts on “TGIF Breakfast at Haley’s

  1. WOW That breakfast and shopping sound really fun with your sister. We live in a much colder climate and will be snowboarding and skiing tomorrow. I really enjoy your posts! Can’t wait to see your LUNCH….I get great ideas from you ………Thanks!! 😀 and TGIF

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  2. Terra, I look forward to your comments. It’s interesting to hear about life in a strange part of the world. Be careful in the snow. I understand it is slippery and causes accidents…
    I definitely agree with you that Las Spices’ posts have great ideas – and the food photography makes me hungry.

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