Quest Ventures, Shopping and Sugar

Happy May 1st everyone! It is a double celebration day- Friday and the beginning of a wonderful month! What are your May day traditions?

Today is my first official day of ‘summer’ break. I slept in and then drove about half an hour up the coast of the state to visit my older sister for a few days. She had a dunkin donuts gift card, and so we decided to stop in for some coffee, seeing as how it was over 90 degrees out. This heat wave is a killer!

photo 2-10

photo 3-7

Can you believe that this is a large and it is 36 ounces! We measured it when we got home! This world is definitely becoming super sized! We then stopped by the local Red Mango, walked up to the door and surprise; they had closed! How weird! Our second favorite fro-yo store is Menchies. They have the best toppings and always super yummy flavors. I had mudslide and peanut butter yogurt topped with whipped cream, heath bar, frosted animal crackers, chocolate chips and snow cap candies. It was the perfect treat for such a warm day.

photo 1-9

Next up on our to-do list was a stop at Target for a few supplies, check this out….

photo 2-6


We were on a baking will be a baking fest with a few new recipes coming tomorrow with lots of pictures! But these aisles were packed, carbs on top of sugar on top of more carbs! Phew….Now there is some real sugar!

photo 3-3

On the way back to my sisters house we drove by a health food store and she thought they might carry Quest Bars. I have seen the pictures, read the blogs and heard everything there is to know about these magical bars that everyone loves. Sure enough…photo 3-5 photo 1-6

I was so happy to have finally found them!

I decided to just try a few flavors to get the taste of see if they were “all that” 3-2

This little health food store had samples galore!

Some fruity beverage..


Has anyone ever heard of oxylent?

photo 3-4

“Raw Power, Pumpkin Seed Protein”; despite the looks.. it tasted quite good with all of that green powder on it.

photo 1-7photo 2-8

you can find it here.

Stuffing my face with my first quest bar.. just can’t get enough!

photo 1-4

Turns out they were not all that special.

We also bought some amazing fresh strawberries!

photo 2-9

I warmed up some of the chocolate peanut butter quest bar in the microwave, added a little PB2 and some strawberries for this delicious creation…

photo 3

Ok, check back tomorrow for some babysitting adventures and yummy kitchen creations!

❤ Sierra


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