Finals and Sisterly Love

This was an early morning, a little too early for me as I went to bed around 1:30 last night.

I awoke before it was light around 5:30 to keep studying for my final that was at 8 am this morning. Who makes these times?? I had my usual cereal and yogurt, but somehow passed out again around 7 and woke up to my roommate leaving about 30 minutes later. Good thing, or I would have missed it!

I jumped into my gym clothes and was off to my final! This class is in a 300 seat auditorium, yet I’ve never seen more than 50 people in the room before. Well I guess everyone decided to show up today; the room was packed! I did not have time for my morning coffee, and I was REALLY in need of it by the time I was finished. Although the auditorium was full and quiet, it seemed like every 3 seconds someone had to cough, adjust their chair, sniffle, sneeze.. agh! I could have gotten up and told everyone to HUSH! Small noises like that drive me insane when taking tests!

Well I made it to the food court on campus for my java before my workout! Thank goodness! I really appreciated the serene morning, even if it is Monday.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, once school is done I will have more time for the little things 🙂

photo 2

Do you like this kind of coffee?

photo 1

Do you have siblings? I know I am a little late on National Siblings Day that was almost 3 weeks ago–but I just have to say; sisters are the best! I love my 3 sisters, and they are the nearest and dearest people! ❤ Always there for you, supporting, encouraging, and always know what to say (even if you don’t want to hear it!) Love you guys! ❤

Have a fabulous Monday!


2 thoughts on “Finals and Sisterly Love

  1. How did your final go? What was it on? Where do you buy Seattle coffee? For some reason I never drink coffee before a workout…only after. What did you do in the gym? any good movies recently?


    1. My final went superb! 94! A 🙂 There are little ‘convenience stores’ on my college campus that sell Seattle coffee. I love their vanilla flavor. I love to drink coffee before a workout. It gives me that extra energy!
      There are a few movies that have come out recently that I want to see. The Other Woman, Spiderman 2, and Neighbors (with Zac Efron! ❤ )


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